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CoinEx Issues Update on Withdrawal Services and Security Measures

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CoinEx, a cryptocurrency exchange, has issued an important update regarding its withdrawal services and security measures. Here are the key points:

Wallet System Reconstruction Progress: CoinEx has made significant progress in its wallet system reconstruction, with 50% of the work now completed.

Withdrawal Strategy Finalized: The exchange has finalized its strategy for resuming withdrawal services and plans to gradually reinstate these services over the next 7 working days. However, CoinEx emphasizes that ensuring the security of users’ assets is its top priority before reactivating withdrawal functionalities.

Compensation for Certain Cryptocurrencies: CoinEx is considering compensation strategies for certain cryptocurrencies with low circulating supplies. This decision is in response to challenges related to market purchases.

Acknowledgment of User Concerns: The exchange acknowledges the distress and uncertainty that its users have experienced during this waiting period. Nevertheless, CoinEx reiterates its commitment to providing the highest level of security through its new wallet system.

CoinEx wants to assure its users that their assets are 100% secure and remain fully intact. Additionally, the exchange advises users to be cautious of false claims regarding the resumption of withdrawal services and to report any suspicious messages or communications related to scams.

This update underscores CoinEx’s dedication to safeguarding its users’ assets and ensuring a secure trading environment.

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