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  • Innosilicon Released the ETC Firmware for A10 and A10pro

    Innosilicon Released the ETC Firmware for A10 and A10pro

    Innosilicon official posted an announcement that Ethereum Classic (ETC) firmware was released for A10 and A10pro. According to the announcement, this action is operated because of Ethereum ( ETH) switching from power-of-work (POW) to power-of-stake (POS), in the hope of more customers are able to switch the hashrates to mine ETC. ETC hashrate is around […]

  • Antpool Invested $10 Million to Support ETC Ecosystem Building

    Antpool Invested $10 Million to Support ETC Ecosystem Building

    At the MWDS Conference in Miami, the CEO of Antpool gave a speech about the topic of POW. He mentioned that Antpool has invested $10 Million to invite more people to build the prosperity of Ethereum Classic (ETC). The fund will support ETC developers to deploy projects on the mainnet, and also to increase layer […]

  • Bitcoin Miners Back Accumulating

    Bitcoin Miners Back Accumulating

    On-chain analytics provider Glassnode has reported that Bitcoin miners are back in accumulation mode after several months of heavy selling. The net position change for miners is back in the green again now.

  • Marathon Holds 10,055 BTC Through the Bear Market

    Marathon, a Bitcoin Miner Company, produced 707 BTC in Q2, 2022. A production and mining operation update from Marathon is showing that it now holds 10,055 BTC and never sold any coin since October 2020. Year-to-date through June 30, Marathon has produced 1,966 BTC.

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Says He’s Waiting for Bitcoin to Test $1,100 to Buy More News, the famous author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, says he’s waiting for the price of bitcoin to test $1,100. He added that he will buy more if the cryptocurrency recovers from that price level.

  • Argentina’s Customs Office Seizes $21M in Crypto Mining Equipment

    The case involves 2,233 Whatsminer machines that were improperly imported, according to the government. Argentina’s customs office seized 2,233 crypto mining rigs that it claims were improperly invoiced at about $5 million more than their actual value, reported newspaper Ámbito Financiero. The machines were valued for importation purposes at $10,000 each but were actually worth just […]

  • Global Economic Data Turning Down, Bulk of US Now in Manufacturing Recession

    Financial Sense Wealth Management CIO Chris Puplava pointed out that global economic data has now turned down in all major economic regions with the bulk of the US now in a manufacturing recession. He also shows in the weekly investment video that a near-term recovery is unlikely.

  • Compass Mining CEO, CFO resign after utility payment default allegations

    Forkast News, Delaware-based Bitcoin mining hosting firm Compass Mining announced Tuesday that its chief executive officer Whitney Gibbs and chief finance officer Jodie Fisher have resigned, effective immediately.

  • Bitcoin miners sell their holdings amid crypto winter’s chill

    Reuters News, The number of coins miners are sending to crypto exchanges has been steadily climbing since June 7, researchers at MacroHive noted, in a sign that “miners have been increasingly liquidating their coins on exchanges”.

  • 53 Million Brazilians are Allowed to Buy Bitcoin from Nubank

    Bitcoinmagzine News, over 53 million Brazilian customers can now buy bitcoin through the country’s largest digital bank, Warren Buffett-backed Nubank. As tested this Tuesday, customers can buy Bitcoins from Nubank but people are not allowed to withdraw Bitcoins to their crypto wallets right now.