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  • Paraguayan Government Pushes for Harsh Penalties on Illegal Bitcoin Miners

    The Paraguayan government is urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would impose up to 10 years in jail for illegal Bitcoin miners. This legislative move comes in response to significant electricity theft threatening the state-owned National Electricity Administration (ANDE). The proposed bill includes provisions for Paraguayan police and prosecutors to seize and sell off […] Read more

  • Bybit Launches Platform with Fiat Support Overseen by Dutch National Bank

    The newly launched platform includes fiat deposits and withdrawals regulated by the Dutch National Bank. Bybit will provide Dutch users with access to trading tools, educational resources, and various financial products. Read more

  • Google Allows Users to Check Bitcoin Wallet Balances By Searching Wallet Address

    Google now enables users to search for wallet balances on the Bitcoin blockchain. This functionality extends to Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, and Fantom. When users input a wallet address, the search results will display the remaining token balance in the wallet per network, along with the time of the last balance update. Earlier this […] Read more

  • Matrixport Restricts Services for Hong Kong Users in Compliance with Regulatory Changes

    In response to recent regulatory developments in Hong Kong, Matrixport, a prominent digital asset platform, has announced limitations on services for Hong Kong residents effective from 12:00 PM (UTC+8) on July 17, 2023. As per the updated policy, users residing in Hong Kong will only have access to wallet services within the Matrixport App, while […] Read more

  • Antpool Became The Biggest Bitcoin Mining Pool, Surpassed Foundry

    The statistics show that Antpool is the No.1 Bitcoin Mining pool now, and the Foundry slipped to No.2. Antpool owns 109.18EH/s which is 26.11% of global hashrates while the Foundry is 25.87%. It is worth noting that Antpool has kept second place in the last 3 years and it received more hashrates recently and surpassed […] Read more

  • BTC/HKD and ETH/HKD Trading Pairs Available for Retail Investors on HashKey

    HashKey Exchange which is operated by Hash Blockchain Limited is a leading Virtual Asset Trading Platform Operator based in Hong Kong.  BTC/HKD and ETH/HKD are officially available for retail investors at 14:00 on September 22, 2023 ( UTC+8). Read more

  • CoinEx Resume Deposit and Withdrawal Services

    According to the official announcement, CoinEx plans to resume the deposit and withdrawal services of BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, SHIB, BNB, USDT, USDC and TRX at 8:00 Sep 21, 2023 (UTC). It is worth noting that CoinEx will upgrade the deposit addresses for the above assets and generate new deposit addresses for all users. […] Read more

  • CoinEx Issues Update on Withdrawal Services and Security Measures

    CoinEx, a cryptocurrency exchange, has issued an important update regarding its withdrawal services and security measures. Here are the key points: Wallet System Reconstruction Progress: CoinEx has made significant progress in its wallet system reconstruction, with 50% of the work now completed. Withdrawal Strategy Finalized: The exchange has finalized its strategy for resuming withdrawal services […] Read more

  • Is Curve The Next Bullish Cryptocurrency?

    Jihan Wu who is the chairman of Bitdeer, and co-founder of Bitmain and Matrixport, posted on X ( former Twitter) saying that Curve DAO Token ( CRV) is one of the most important infrastructures in the coming RWA ( Risk-weighted asset ) wave. Surprisingly, he directly expressed that he already operated buy-in-dip. It shows he […] Read more

  • Transfer Your Assets from Retired Jaxx Liberty Wallet

    If you log in Jaxx Liberty wallet, a retirement notification is showing at the top of the application. As a user of Jaxx Liberty, you are not supposed to be rushed, since the company declared the detailed steps which can guide you transfer your assets on Jaxx Liberty with security. Jaxx Liberty Retire Notification How […] Read more

  • It’s Hard to Trace Offline Crypto Tradings, A Chinese Government Official Said

    Recently a money laundering case happened in Hong Kong, China. It was reported total six people were captured for nearly 12.7 million worth of money laundering, and a student is included. With the legalization of crypto trading in Hong Kong, more people from mainland China are visiting Hong Kong to trade crypto offline and the […] Read more

  • 2023 Might be The Turning Point in Global Economy Growth

    According to IMF (International Monetary Fund) Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva, the world economy is still in a very difficult place. Global growth is slowing down in 2023 but it might be a turning point. The global consumer price hikes would keep decelerating, and the inflation rates are anticipated to be lower in 2023 than in […] Read more

  • E9Pro, Fast Return Miner?

    Bitmain antminer E9pro Read more

  • Argentina City May Start to Tax Crypto Mining in 2023

    According to news, one of Argentina’s cities, Buenos Aires, will tax crypto mining in January 2023. The province approved the project to add crypto mining as a taxable activity, however how to execute the tax policy, there are still doubts. Doubt No.1 Will the only crypto mining operated in the region of Buenos Aires […] Read more

  • Coinbase Application New Updates are Not Allowed on Apple Store

    According to Coinbase’s official Twitter post, the new version application is not allowed to be updated on the Apple store. The reason is that Apple doesn’t allow the new feature launched by Coinbase recently, NFT transfer function, and Apple company expects Coinbase to pay for the transaction fee using their traditional payment system. Read more

  • Coinbase wallet plans to stop supporting four major coins

    Coinbase wallet will no longer support Bitcoincash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Stellar (XLM) and XRP as of December 5. The decision is made due to the low usage of the four coins. The users holding the four coins can get their assets by importing the recovery phrase. Read more