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Local TV Report Highlights Noise Complaints at Bitcoin Mining Center in Arkansas

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Mountain Pine, Garland County, Arkansas – A local television station in Arkansas has reported that a Bitcoin mining center located in Mountain Pine, Garland County, is facing complaints from nearby residents about noise disturbances. According to the report, the mining center is owned by GMI Computing and began operations a few months ago. On-site, it is clearly visible that there are at least dozens of mining containers, known as AntBox, produced by Bitmain, and the noise generated by these machines is causing significant disruptions.

Local residents, as mentioned in the report, feel deceived by GMI. Initially, GMI represented the project as a data center and did not disclose its true nature as a cryptocurrency mining facility. They promised that the project would bring more job opportunities to the local community and boost the local economy. However, at present, only 20% of the employees in the mining center are local residents.

In addition to concerns about employment, the noise generated by the mining center has become unbearable for some locals. One woman, in particular, complained that her husband, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), has had his condition exacerbated by the incessant noise of the machines, causing him considerable distress.

In response to the noise complaints, the local government has ordered GMI to install soundproofing equipment, with a deadline for completion set by the end of the year. This action is taken to mitigate the disruptions caused by the mining operation and address the concerns of the affected residents.

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