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E9Pro, Fast Return Miner?

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We noticed the new launch by Bitmain that E9pro, which is an ETC( Ethereum Classic) miner.

source: Bitmain official site

As we can see the sale price of one E9pro is $1,299, so doing a simple ROI calculation is not difficult. The daily revenue of one E9pro is around 0.48ETC ( $11.25), and we suppose the power rate is $0.1kWh, so the daily electricity power cost goes to $5.28. The daily profit can be calculated as $5.97, finally the return days come to around 217 days or 7-8 months. If the power rate is as low as $0.07kWh, the ROI is shorter to even 6 months. Compared to other models in the current market, an ROI of 6 months is the best performance.

Will you invest in E9 pro?

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