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How Important GPU is in Crypto Mining?

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What is GPU

GPU stands for graphics processing units, and it’s one of the fundamental computing engines. The GPU is a processor that is made up of many smaller and more specialized cores. By working together, the cores deliver massive performance when a processing task can be divided up and processed across many cores.

GPUs began as specialized ASICs developed to accelerate specific 3D rendering tasks. Over time, these fixed-function engines became more programmable and more flexible. while graphics and the increasingly lifelike visual of today’s top games remain their principal function, GPUs have evolved to become more general-purpose parallel processor as well, handling a growing range of application.

What GPUs are Usually Used in Crypto Mining

Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI bands are usually used in crypto mining.

Different brands have their advantages, users can choose the best one for their use cases. Below you can simply understand what’s their advantages.


It is recommended due to its budget value. It’s dual-slot designed with high-end performance. More thickness, more fans, liquid cooling, high quality are the advantages for Gigabyte. Especially the liquid cooling feature can allow much more overlocking headroom and reduce noice level.


ASUS is designed with blower-style coolers, which is perfect for Multi-GPU configuration. High cooling is the other feature of ASUS.


Balanced value is its feature.


Galax, also known as Galaxy, is designed 2/2.5 slot with 2-3 fans.


It’s good for open-air configuration and perfect for single-GPU configuration.

What’s the price of GPUs

If you are planning to purchase some GPUs, you can go to Amazon or EBay. Below is a product price from Amazon. For better understanding the whole picture of the popular GPUs prices, Whattomine is recommended for your reference.


Producer: AUSU

Price: $1,955

With learning the price of the GPUs, you can estimate your cost to start the crypto mining.

What cryptocurrency you can mine with GPUs

GPUs can mine over 50 kinds of cryptocurrencies and here we would like to list some popular coins at present.

  1. ETHW
  2. ETC
  3. ZEC
  4. GRIN
  5. BTG
  6. CFX
  7. XMR

Before Ethereum transferring to Proof-of-Stake (POS), GPUs also can mine ETH ( Ethereum). Most of the old miners of ETH now are contributing to ETHW and ETC. Of course, users can also consider the ASIC miners to mine ETC. Miner producer companies, Bitmain and Ipollo, launched ASIC machines for ETC professional mining.

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