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Tecpetrol Combines Gas Extraction and Cryptocurrency Mining in Innovative Project

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In a groundbreaking move that showcases the convergence of technology and innovation, Tecpetrol is set to commence an ambitious project in the Los Toldos 2 Este area, situated north of Vaca Muerta. This venture involves utilizing the gas extracted from the region not only for energy production but also for cryptocurrency mining as reported, marking a significant shift in the energy sector. The CEO of Tecpetrol, Ricardo Markous, unveiled this pioneering initiative, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize both gas production and the cryptocurrency market.


The Los Toldos 2 Este area presents unique challenges due to its isolation and lack of production treatment and evacuation facilities. Currently, Tecpetrol resells a portion of the extracted gas to Chevron, but this arrangement has reached its limit. To overcome this bottleneck and enable further oil production, Tecpetrol sought an innovative solution: crypto mining.

Markous noted, “Today the oil is being evacuated by truck, and in the case of gas, it is what limits us because we could be producing 1,200 cubic meters of crude oil, but we are at 300 because we have nowhere to put that gas.” To address this issue, Tecpetrol will deploy a cryptocurrency mining operation alongside new wells and a pipeline system.

The Cryptocurrency Mining Component

The heart of this groundbreaking project lies in the installation of a cryptocurrency mining facility, similar to a prior attempt by another operator, Pluspetrol. However, Tecpetrol’s endeavor will be of significant scale, harnessing the gas to power the cryptocurrency mining operation efficiently.

Markous elaborated, “Through a company, we are going to an interesting value, because 60,000 cubic meters will be looked at through the installation of three containers that produce electrical energy, plus the containers where the computing modules are, and there they will mine coins.” This multifaceted approach not only addresses the gas utilization issue but also capitalizes on the surging cryptocurrency market.

Environmental Benefits and Profitability

One of the notable advantages of this initiative is its positive environmental impact. By repurposing the extracted gas for cryptocurrency mining, Tecpetrol avoids venting the gas into the atmosphere, thereby reducing environmental harm. Simultaneously, the company continues to profit from oil production, ensuring a dual benefit.

Markous highlighted, “On the one hand, we take care of the environment so as not to vent gas and also be able to mine cryptocurrencies, and also take advantage of producing oil.” Additionally, the project promises favorable financial outcomes. Tecpetrol secures a minimum profit from the gas while also benefiting from potential cryptocurrency price increases, which translate into higher profits.

Implementation and Future Prospects

The commencement of this pioneering operation is scheduled between the end of October and the beginning of November. Tecpetrol has already finalized contracts, hired the necessary personnel, and partnered with a specialized company experienced in similar ventures in the United States. This strategic collaboration is designed to maximize gas utilization, drive oil production, and capitalize on cryptocurrency mining profitability.

While this project is finite in scope, as it focuses on a block with rich associated gas, Tecpetrol plans to expand its facilities for both oil and gas treatment in the future. In doing so, the company aims to further enhance its capabilities and environmental responsibility while contributing to the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. Tecpetrol’s innovative approach showcases the potential for synergy between traditional energy production and emerging digital technologies in the modern world.

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