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GDA Expands Bitcoin Mining Operations with Three New Data Centers in South Carolina

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In a significant development for the cryptocurrency mining industry, GDA ( Genesis Digital Assets), one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining companies, has announced the opening of three new data centers in the Western region of South Carolina. These expansions are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance its data center presence in the United States.

The first data center, located near the small town of Anderson, SC, has been fully operational since February 2023, boasting a total capacity of 18 MW. The other two facilities, situated between the towns of Union and Lockhart, have been up and running since March 2023, offering a combined capacity of 15 MW.

GDA’s move towards fully integrating its operations within regional communities is evident in its collaboration with local suppliers and contractors. The Anderson data center, for instance, was constructed using North American-built infrastructure equipment and repurposed an abandoned textile warehouse. Similarly, for the other two facilities, a remarkable 95% of the workforce responsible for building the sites were recruited locally in South Carolina, contributing to the creation of approximately 150 jobs, with 125 being local contractors instrumental in setting up these data centers.

Ankit Joshi, the Head of North America at GDA, expressed his pride in the team’s achievements, emphasizing the warm welcome and support they received from the local communities, which they see as an opportunity to boost the economy in these regions.

The decision to establish these data centers in South Carolina was also influenced by the state’s abundance of clean energy sources. The Pacolet data center, for instance, is strategically located just three miles away from two hydroelectric generation plants owned by Lockhart Power, a major supplier of renewable and clean energy in the region. Additionally, the Anderson data center is utilizing Hitachi’s environment-friendly dry-type distribution transformers and will play a crucial role in strengthening the local energy grid by returning excess power when needed, benefiting Duke Energy.

Andrey Kim, the CEO of GDA, highlighted the company’s commitment to expanding its fleet of data centers using clean energy resources. He stated that the company aims to lead the industry and showcase how Bitcoin mining can be environmentally, socially, and governance (ESG) friendly.

With the launch of these new data centers, GDA’s footprint in the Bitcoin network has grown significantly, now accounting for over 2% of the total hash rate. This expansion represents a milestone for both GDA and the cryptocurrency mining sector at large, as they demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices while fostering economic growth in regional communities.

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