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KuCoin Pool Announces Temporary Halt in Service, Urges Users to Migrate Miners to Alternative Pools

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KuCoin Pool, a prominent player in the industry, has made a difficult decision due to its evolving business strategy. Effective from 16:00:00 on August 15, 2023 (UTC), the KuCoin Pool service will be temporarily halted until further notice.

In a heartfelt message to all KuCoin Pool users, the company assured its customers that the security and integrity of their assets are the utmost priority. During this suspension period, users will maintain complete access and control over their assets, and all other KuCoin offerings will continue to function as usual.

For those involved in cryptocurrency mining, KuCoin Pool offers a vital piece of advice. To ensure uninterrupted earnings during the temporary suspension, users are strongly recommended to transition their BTC and LTC miners to alternative mining pools before the effective date of August 15, 2023 (UTC).

As an additional precaution, KuCoin Pool kindly advises users to back up and preserve their mining records and associated data before August 27, 2023 (UTC).

It is essential to heed these recommendations as failure to migrate to alternative mining pools within the specified timeline may impact mining revenue, and KuCoin Pool will not be held accountable for any potential earnings lapses.

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