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How to Start Mining Kaspa

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The well-known Kaspa miner producer Iceriver is launching several models, the article will show Kaspa(KAS) beginners how to get Kaspa.

Kaspa is based on the GHOSTDAG protocol, which is a generalization of Bitcoin Consensus. It’s aiming to be the fastest and purest proof-of-work consensus engine.

Kaspa(KAS) was initially conceived by DAGLabs, an R&D company, with an investment from PolyChain. However, it’s important to note that Kaspa is a collaborative community project, fully open-source, and operates without central governance or a specific business model. The project’s founder, Yonatan Sompolinsky, is a computer postdoc affiliated with Harvard’s MEV research team, and his 2013 paper on the Ghost protocol is even cited in the Ethereum white paper. The dedicated team of core developers and contributors includes individuals like Shai Wyborski, a cryptography Ph.D. student, Michael Sutton, a computer science expert, Mike Zak, pursuing undergraduate studies in computer science, cryptography researcher Elichai Turkel, and developer Ori Newman. These individuals have made significant contributions to the network’s development and overall stability.

Kaspa is a power-of-work coin, so people can mine Kaspa from special machines. The popular ASIC machines for mining Kaspa in the market now are Iceriver KS0, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS3L. Bitmain is also offering such product which is Antminer KS3. Different models have different specifications and performances, and we will clarify the details in the latter of the article.

The second option to get Kaspa is to trade on exchanges. There are several exchanges supporting Kaspa trading, including Kucoin, CoinEx, Bybit, Bitkan, Gate, and OKX.

There are several mining pools supporting Kaspa mining, including Antpool, F2pool, Kaspa-pool and Viabtc. Currently you can choose the below models to mine Kaspa:

  1. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS0 100G
  2. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS0pro 200G
  3. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS1 1T
  4. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS2 2T
  5. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS3 8T
  6. Mine Kaspa with Iceriver KS3M 6T
  7. Mine Kaspa with Antminer KS3 9.4T

You can purchase Kaspa mining machine on Iceriver or Bitmain official websites if the spot stocks are available there. Otherwise, you can reach to resellers to purchase available stocks in the market but please make sure the resellers are reliable enough. HashClimber is one of the trusted distributors in the cryptocurrency hardware industry. According to the Kaspa official, all the stocks are located in Hong Kong, so you need to be aware of the products shipping from elsewhere. 

Similar to all crypto mining, Kaspa mining hardware is also upgrading very fast. To meet the market needs, Iceriver launched the upgraded KS0 called KS0pro with hashrates of 200G, which can be purchased from the official website and distributors. The prices of Kaspa mining rigs are changing frequently as Kaspa prices surged a lot, and attracting more buyers.

At the time of writing, the mining profit of Kaspa is as below:

  • KAS / day:  203
  • KAS / week:  1,421
  • KAS / month:  6,000
  • KAS / year:  53,453

The investors can estimate the return days by calculating based on the profit and machine costs. Your return days will vary according to the different strategies. 

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