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Agenda of Bitmain WDMS in Hong Kong During September 22-23

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Bitmain will hold another global conference WDMS ( World Digital Mining Summit) in Hong Kong during September 22-23.

Valued Topics on September 22

  • New Trends in the Mining Industry – By Bitmain
  • Bitcoin & the environment: Friend or Fiend? – By CCAF (Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance)
  • What New Technologies Will Impact Our Industry in the Next Few Years? – By Tether
  • Bitcoin’s Role in ESG – By The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Mining Solutions: How LIsted Mining Enterprises Practice Sustainable Development – By Core Scientific / Terawulf / Clean Spark / Iris Energy
  • Antminer Leads Every PoW Mining Era – By Bitmain
  • Bitmain Antminer S21 Series Launch and Benefits Announcement – By Bitmain
  • Bitmain’s Approach to the Mining Farm Conundrum – By Bitmain
  • Countdown to Block 840,000: Forecasts and Data for the 4th Halving and Beyond – By Luxor Technologies
  • Strengthening the Bitcoin Network – By Core Scientific
  • Mining in a Bear Market – By Minto
  • New Engine for Mining: Hydro-cooling Era – Dongguan Lianli Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • With the Halving Approaching, How to Plan the Mining Industry in Advance – By Foundry / Sunnyside / Penguin

Valued Topics on September 23

  • Leading the Way of Bitcoin Education in EI Salvador and Abroad – By My First Bitcoin
  • The Six-Year Journey of Litecoin: What’s on the Horizon? – By Litecoin Foundation
  • Proof of Work-The Revolutionary Invention of Satoshi Nakamoto – By ETC cooperative
  • How Kaspa Achieves Decentralized ASIC Friendliness – By Quantum and Classical Cryptography
  • Making Money in the Filecoin Economy – By FIlecoin Foundation
  • CKB: Here to Stay – By Nervos Foundation
  • BTC: Digital Gold Takes on a New Life – By Luxor Technology / Bitmain / NFT Artist / BEVM Foundation / ORC-CASH
  • Mining in Europe with Renewable Energy, Opportunities and Future Developments – By ALPS Blockchain
  • Efficiency Beyond Mining: Reusing ASIC Waste Heat – By BlockGems GmbH
  • The Future of Bitcoin Mining – By Antpool
  • Opportunities for Distributed Energy and Prospects for Collaboration with WEB3 – By Vpower
  • Reframing Bitcoin for Next-Gen Government Relations – By Foundry
  • Beyond Risk Management, Build Trusted Bridge – By ANTALPHA
  • How Structured Derivatives Empower Crypto Mining – By Metalpha
  • SC Miner, Global Mining Partner – By SC miner
  • Cleaner and Sustainable Mining Solutions – By Consensus Technology Group / Bitmain / Moonwalk / US Bitcoin Corp

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