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Bitmain Will Hold WDMS 2023 in Hong Kong

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Bitmain announced the coming 2023 WDMS will be held in Hong Kong. WDMS is a global conference whose topics are around Bitcoin mining, and it is always held by Bitmain every year. In the past years, WDMS were held in the US, Mexico, Singapore, and Georgia. Bitmain chooses Hong Kong as the next spot to hold the event, we believe the positive policy of cryptocurrency is attracting the company and the investors.

Moreover, Bitmain will release their new Bitcoin mining machine which is Antminer S21.

From Bitmain Official X

According to the Ads by Bitmain, the new model S21 can be a surprise in the Bitcoin mining industry, because it’s saying the power efficiency can be as low as 1XJ/T which is the first time an ASIC machine can make it. This model will only be revealed its mask at the coming WDMS conference in Hong Kong. Investors who are interested in attending the conference can visit Bitmain’s official website to book a ticket.

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