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Bitmain Antminer price dropped 27.5% in 7 days

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Antminer fall the most

With the crypto market decline, the ASIC hardware market is also struggling. Bitmain, one of the biggest ASIC miners producers, is keeping releasing its stocks to global buyers.

The price for model S19 95T was $5,510 on 8th June, and they are spot stock which can be shipped in 10 days after the completed payment. The price for model S19pro 110T was $7,700.

However, on the Bitmain official website today the price for spot stock of S19 95T is $3,990 and $5,940 for S19pro 110T. The prices fall by 27.5% and 22.8% respectively.

Bitmainspot 20220608

8th June 2022

bitmainspot 20220617

17th June 2022

Avalon gives a big discount

Another famous producer Canaan, Coinviewinfo noticed its official shop is full of spot stocks with attractive discounts, which differ from 39% to 48%. Differently from Bitmain, Avalon ( Canaan’s miner brand) miners’ prices are not changing a lot compared to 9 days ago, inverse, the prices are slightly up.


8th June 2022


17th June 2022

S19 fall 67% from its ATH

As the below data shows, the highest price of a new S19 95T is around $12,267 on 12th May 2021, compared to the current price of $3,990 shown on Bitmain’s official store, there is a 67% down. Whastminer M30s has its 60% fall from $10,738 in April 2021 to $4,261.

Generally, it’s not a good trend as the producers are ‘in a hurry’ to sell their stocks. Let’s wait for more confidence from the market. Time would tell.

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