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Bitmain Launched Newest BTC Mining Hardware S21 Series

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On September 22, Bitmain launched its newest and the world’s most effective Bitcoin mining hardware S21 series during the 2023 World Digital Mining Summit ( WDMS2023). The power efficiency of Antminer S21 is 17.5J/T, hashrates of 200TH/s and S21 Hyd. 16J/T, hashrates of 335TH/s. The highest temperature resistance is up to 45 ℃.

The bulk order channel has been open since the announcement. The minimum order is required as usual and more discounts would be granted to the clients for early orders according to the commitment by Bitmain General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing. The price per Tera hash would be $14 if the orders are confirmed before October 7 and the price would be raised to be $19.6/Ths after the date.

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