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Huawei’s Web 3.0 Node Engine Service (NES) Goes Live with Support for TRON and Ethereum

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According to Bloomberg News, Huawei has unveiled its Web 3.0 Node Engine Service (NES), which is now operational. Notably, it provides initial support to two prominent blockchains, TRON and Ethereum. A spokesperson from TRON emphasized the pivotal nature of this support for their ecosystem, envisioning it as a catalyst for both global expansion and enhanced technical prowess. As one of the pioneer networks incorporated into the Huawei Web 3.0 NES, TRON anticipates bolstered worldwide influence and an invigorated push for innovation in blockchain applications and Web3.

Huawei’s Web 3.0 NES, as defined by the company, is a node engine platform originating from Huawei Cloud. It functions as a bridge connecting developers to major blockchains like TRON and Ethereum. This platform aims to simplify the management of blockchain networks, resources, and verification processes, all while delivering Web3 services marked by superior stability, efficiency, and security.

Among the initial beneficiaries of NES’s support, TRON stands out with its higher transactions per second (TPS) in comparison to Ethereum. This faster experience is attributed to TRON’s distinctive consensus mechanism. NES takes the complexities out of node operation and upkeep, facilitating swift node configuration on the TRON blockchain. By participating as node hosts, users can seamlessly interact with the blockchain and concurrently develop decentralized applications (DApps).

TRON, an early adopter of NES’s backing, has solidified its position within the global payment landscape. Bolstered by its remarkable ecosystem, TRON’s extensive user base and international recognition underscore its achievements. With commendable transaction speed, security, and scalability, TRON continuously evolves to meet user demands.

Statistics from TRONSCAN reveal impressive figures: over 6.2 billion transactions, more than 177 million network accounts, and a total value locked (TVL) exceeding $13.2 billion. TRON has even secured a notable role as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) guided by its community. Last year, TRON established an unprecedented partnership with the government of Dominica, solidifying its status as the nation’s national blockchain infrastructure, a historic milestone in Web3 development.

Focusing its efforts on Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Japan where Web3 thrives, TRON is leveraging the streamlined network configuration brought about by Huawei Web 3.0 NES. This efficiency enhancement empowers TRON to provide more effective services to its ever-growing community.

As a trailblazing public blockchain, TRON remains committed to advancing blockchain technology and the global digital economy. In its journey towards creating a metaverse-free port, TRON remains dedicated to compliance with international regulations while continuously refining its ecosystem.

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