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S19K pro, New Release From Bitmain

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Bitmain, one of the most popular ASIC Bitcoin mining producers, released the new model S19K pro. The specification of the S19K pro is as below:

Hashrates: 120T
Power: 2760W
Efficiency: 23J/T

The spot price of S19K pro is $21/T on Bitmain’s official shop, and we can do the simple calculations of the payback days. Suppose the power price is $0.1kWH, the Bitcoin price is $30K, and the payback days go to 1,312 days, which means 109 months! ( Click the below picture to calculate more results if you have cheaper power)

From the calculation result, it’s not a good investment choice for small investors. Only big investors who own cheap power can win in this game. As Bitmain mentioned on X ( Former Twiter), the hashrate price can be as low as $14.7/T by using coupons. If we suppose the big investors get a power price of $0.07, meanwhile luckily they also get $14.7/T. The daily profit rises from $1.92 to $3.94, and the payback days lessen to 448 days.

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