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Innosilicon Released the ETC Firmware for A10 and A10pro

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Innosilicon official posted an announcement that Ethereum Classic (ETC) firmware was released for A10 and A10pro. According to the announcement, this action is operated because of Ethereum ( ETH) switching from power-of-work (POW) to power-of-stake (POS), in the hope of more customers are able to switch the hashrates to mine ETC.

ETC hashrate is around 10% higher than ETH hashrate after upgrading the firmware according to A10pro testing report, while A10 keeps the same hashrate for ETC and ETH.

The announcement also mentioned that the ETC firmware for A11 is positively underdeveloped at present, and they will release the firmware once completed.

Antpool, a mining pool under Bitmain, invested $10 Million on ETC future development, which gives investors more confidence. ETC price is rising up to $33 currently, 30% rising in 24 hours.

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