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MicroStrategy Lost Over 1 Billion

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MicroStrategy, an American company, provides business intelligence (BI), mobile software, and cloud-based services. The former data shows the company purchased 129,218 Bitcoins in the total amount of about $3.97 billion as of 4th April 2022. Then the average price it bought was $30,700 while the current price of Bitcoin is $21,316. In this view, we can calculate MicroStrategy already lost over 1 billion!

The company may provide additional collateral for a $205 million loan secured in March of this year if the Bitcoin price unfortunately is keeping lower. Meanwhile, the blockchain network shows MicroStrategy transferred 2,089 Bitcoins to a new wallet, and this is the first time the company move their Bitcoins. Cryptowhale analyzes the movement that means the company possibly will sell off their Bitcoin holds.

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